Leave of Absence & Fines
  • Application for leave shall be made in writing by the parents/ guardians in the format given in the diary.
  • Students are expected to apply for leave in advance. In case of emergency, he/she should bring the application signed by the parent on the day of joining.
  • Students who have been sick should attach a medical certificate along with the application. Students returning to school after a contagious or an infectious disease should also produce a doctor's certificate that they are free from infection.
  • As a rule, not more than three days' leave of absence will be granted to attend the wedding of a brother or a sister and a half day for a more distant relative.
  • Repeated absence for feasts, weddings, etc. renders a student liable for dismissal.
  • Students who have been sent from the school or have been struck off the rolls are, as a rule, not re-admitted. If re-admitted, they will have to pay the entrance fee again.
  • All pupils must return to school on the re-opening day after every vacation. Those who return late after the holidays will be fined Rs.20/-per day of absence.
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